A Good Story

Growing up in Vancouver, Dean Duperron had all the trappings to be another street kid statistic. But the old fashion values that had been drummed into his DNA, kept him from spiraling further into an abyss of despair.

Today, the one-time street kid of the seventies who was scouring dumpsters for sustenance, helms a multi-million-dollar education and real estate empire spanning the globe.

Born in Alberta, Dean and his military family moved around to several cities before landing in Vancouver. Here at 18, he was forced out of his home. It was a time of cold nights on construction yards and meals plucked from dumpsters. Luck meant you’d just found a nickel lying on the sidewalk which meant food for a day or two. But it was Dean’s belief in the value of education that pushed him to get a job — first as a janitor at McDonald’s, then as an assistant manager at Kmart — and eventually to initiate a reconciliation with his father.

In 1979 Dean left pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of B.C. in his third year to take a job as a computer instructor at MacKay’s Business School. A few years later he found himself at Control Data Corp., an American supercomputer firm. Success followed. And by the time 1991 rolled around, he and his wife, Sherri, were able to buy   the then-fledgling Sprott-Shaw Community College.

Dean and his team transformed the college into a profitable operation in Canada with 29 Canadian campuses (26 in B.C. and three in Alberta), 650 employees in Canada, and an estimated $50 million in annual revenue. Overtime Sprott-Shaw College grew to include, at various points, campuses in Jordan, Jamaica, USA, Philippines, Vietnam, India, and China. The course offerings went from a single 4-month secretarial program to some 30 different programs including a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Diplomas in Health Care such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Care Aids; Diplomas in Business such as Management, International Business, etc.; Diplomas in Hospitality such Hotel Management, Hotel Operations, etc. Also offered were Trades Programs with Red Seal training in a variety of programs including the first Electrical Program to be approved by the government to be operated by a private college. In fact, Mr. Duperron’s group created a number of industry firsts…to name just a few… he founded Sprott-Shaw Degree College (later to become Ascenda College which today boasts 1,100 students in various Bachelor and Masters degrees) the first private community college in B.C. to be granted the right to confer Bachelors Degrees.

His team lead the way to be the first private college successfully able to Practical Nurses in B.C. and in 2003 Dean was inducted in the Business Hall of Fame along side HY Louie (owner of London Drugs)

Sprott-Shaw eventually became the largest private career college in B.C. In December 2007, Dean sold Sprott-Shaw Community College to CIBT Education Group Inc.

Today among his array of businesses and acts of philanthropy, Dean operates North American Student Services which provides comprehensive educational services to international students to prepare them for undergraduate and graduate programs in North America.

With almost four decades of experience helming an international conglomeration of colleges for 40 years, Dean’s leadership has helped hundreds of thousands of graduates enjoy successful careers in Business, Trades, Administration, Information Technology and Healthcare.

The Duperron Group has been involved in real estate for decades going back to first purchasing a 5-year-old split level home in Coquitlam which he converted into triplex. From there a variety of real estate investments including… a co-op housing project was converted into a strata quadrupling its value. Later an apartment complex was purchased in Langley. In 2012 The Duperron Group purchased 39 apartment buildings in Houston with the Canadian dollar at par to the USA dollar and sold in 2015 profiting from a 30% drop in the value Canadian dollar… these transactions among others has made real estate a successful part of The Duperron Group’s portfolio.

His diverse business experience, also includes operations in, trades, retail, wholesale, real estate investing, market investing, party and event planning and mentoring entrepreneurs. The Duperron Group has also delivered training in a variety of subjects, such as trade skills, electrical, heavy equipment operators, construction, hospitality, health careers, nursing, pharmacy, and business, etc. The recognition that it has conferred has enjoyed the support of various governments in the provinces and countries in which it does business. The credentialing has been everything from certificates all the way through Masters Degrees.

The Duperron group of schools today includes an online university, Hospitality Institutes, a Heavy Equipment School, ESL Schools, Horticulture and various business programs throughout our member schools.

The Duperron Group purchased and built a successful medical clinic in Mission, B.C.  Partnering with a young aboriginal doctor who had applied and been accepted through the MD Aboriginal Admissions program at UBC (of which Mr. Duperron was a committee member) 12 years earlier,  the young doctor and Dean reopened a clinic in Wal-Mart which had been closed for  2.5 years and at a time when three other clinics in Mission closed, the Gwaii Medical Clinic blossomed. After two years the clinic was sold to the young doctor and thrives to this day.

The Duperron Group is also a dynamic investment firm with 40 years of experience dealing with a focus on Private Post-Secondary Education and Real Estate investment, particularly Multi-Family Apartment buildings.

Dean also sat on the Residential Construction Industry Training Organization (RCITO) Board and Chair Accreditation sub-committee covering recognition of Public and Private Colleges, their graduates, instructors and curriculum.

He also served on the PBIBC Board which is establishing an accreditation process to recognize all construction contractors who wish to build homes in British Columbia. Dean has chaired or been a member of a variety of other boards in British Columbia, including President the Evergreen Cultural Centre, Vice-President Canada Club and a seat on the Aboriginal Medical Selection of Medical Students for Universities in British Columbia.

Dean and Sherri have three children and live in the Greater Vancouver area.

Dean Duperron  – The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller Summer 2017

Dean Duperron – Born in the small town of Cold Lake, Alberta, Dean has become a well known and award winning business leader in B.C. His career is inspirational to those who have suffered or are suffering financial hardship.He has overcome homelessness by working multiple jobs to survive to eventual success both in the corporate world and community service. Dean has developed a personal philosophy of achieving success; through surrounding himself with the best talent possible in whatever field he is working in, believing the
answer to anything is to ask the right questions, and “Do Cool” by doing something that is unique, special and meaningful and that ‘amazing’ is within our grasp.

Dean is passionate about education and housing. He has over thirty years’ experience in the education industry overseeing a global network of campuses emphasizing the cohesiveness between academic and vocational disciplines. Dean created and owns Sprott- Shaw Community College. Through personal drive, dedication and leadership, Dean has lead the college from a single campus, offering only one course, to a multinational organization that now boasts 25 campuses and over 140 courses in programs ranging from Trades certification, Healthcare, Business, and Tourism Diplomas, as well as Academic Degrees.

Dean also runs a morally based but sustainable business dedicated to providing affordable rental housing to dozens of low income individuals and families. He has also dedicated enormous time to improving the health, education, and providing opportunity to First Nations students, Metis and very many other good causes including, the United Way, palliative care, and many more. He and his family have funnelled their personal success into the funding of numerous scholarships, providing suite tickets to concerts and sporting events to
underprivileged children and firefighters and tickets to the Olympics for individuals who could not afford to attend them.

The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller Summer 2017

Knighting Ceremony


South Korea - Business Lecture

Dean Duperron talks about education and vocational learning covered by a top 5 TV networks in South Korea… notables like the President of Pfizer (the international drug company) were also featured on this program about business and business leaders.