“To leave footprints in the sands of time that positively affect our communities”

As the Chinese proverb says if you want to plan for one year plant rice, if you want to plan for ten years plant trees and if you want to plan for a century educate people. Education has been a tool that I’ve used myself and have helped educate others. Education helps people to grow and develop.

“I have a mission statement and accept the fact that I will not be able to build a pyramid in my life. I like to think of myself as leaving footprints in the sands of time that will positively affect the social fabric of our communities.”

Community Members Share Their Thoughts About Mr. Dean Duperron

Fabian Dawson

Fabian Dawson is a multiple-award winning journalist, an internationally acclaimed author, filmmaker and media expert. His work over the last three decades spans the globe and he also serves as a consultant/strategic advisor to a variety of international companies.

Dawson has been cited for excellence in journalism multiple times since 2002 by the Jack Webster Foundation while many of the stories he has directed have won national and international journalism awards. In 2004, The National Newspaper Awards Board of Governors named Dawson as the recipient of 2004 Unsung Hero of Canadian journalism. The NNA awards are the highest honours in Canadian newspaper journalism along with being a recipient of the Queen’s Jubilee Medal.

Stephen Raghoobarsingh

Point 8 Training & Development Inc. was established when three guys decided to work together in pursuit of one common goal: to help everyone reach their full potential and experience ultimate life success. From the child dreaming of making it to the big leagues, to the everyday person committing to a new fitness routine, to the elite athlete reaching the pinnacle of his or her sport, our goal is to help each person reach their highest standard of performance possible. With focus, determination, and experience we have achieved this standard through our unique brand of sports counselling and our revolutionary model of sport and recreation called The New Game Plan.

Lorrie Williams

A retired teacher, Williams successfully ran for New Westminster city council in 2002. After five terms she has retired from civic duties, but not from her passion. In 1985, Williams founded the Canadian Harambee Education Society, which helps supports the educational efforts of girls in Africa. She has educated over 3000 girls in Kenya, who otherwise would not have had the chance. Lorrie’s compassion and her drive, have helped girls all over Kenya and Tanzania.