Real-Estate Services

The Duperron Group has significant building and building management experience, having been in the residential rental business for over 15 years, the commercial rental business for over a decade and has worked in training roofers, electricians, building framers, residential construction workers, as well as dry wall installers. President and CEO Dean Duperron is a past member of the board for the Residential Constructions Industry Training Organization (RCITO) in British Columbia, which “…identifies, promotes, develops, coordinates and manages delivery of industry training programs in British Columbia’s residential construction sector”. Mr. Duperron is also a past member of the Board of Directors of the Professional Builders Institute of British Columbia (PBIBC), which “will increase the professionalism of the residential builder through education, training and certification” ( The Board of Directors helped to determine which builders received the required Homeowner’s Protection Certification in British Columbia.

We have a number of interests in the Real Estate Investment market, which include Purchasing Multi-Family Apartment buildings, and Renting Apartments in our existing buildings.

Some of our talented team members include:

Mr. Dean Duperron

The President and CEO of the Duperron Group is a true business leader with over 30 years of experience. His vision, drive and determination are invaluable in any Real Estate venture.

 Mortgage Specialist with CIBC

CIBC Mortgage Advisors are specialists in providing clients with information and advice to make knowledgeable decisions about their mortgages. A CIBC mortgage specialist will come to your door and discuss your mortgage options with you. (

 Property Management Specialist

Our property management specialists have the knowledge and expertise to make the most out any Real Estate investment. They deal with the day-to-day operations of the buildings and properties, such as ensuring that apartments do not remain vacant, the upkeep and general maintenance. Our property management specialists will take care of the details.

 Independent Real Estate Consultant

Our independent real estate consultant is well-versed on the current market situation and will provide up-to-date and practical advice.

 Marketing Specialist

Our marketing specialist is proficient at creating advertising and marketing avenues which will appeal to the current demographic and will work to ensure that all properties remain full and turn a profit.

Apartment Turn Around Specialists

When an asset is not operating at the desired level of performance,The Duperron Group has the resources and advice to turn any property around. Our real estate experts review and evaluate property performance, potential failures and areas in need of improvement in order to increase the value of the asset. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Building Purchases

The Duperron Group is always looking for Multi-Family Apartment building investment opportunities:

The Duperron Group will close all deals in a timely fashion.

    In Canada, the Duperron Group is interested in purchasing Multi-Family Apartment Buildings in the following British Columbian cities; Victoria, Langley, Maple Ridge, New Westminster and Kamloops.


    • Minimum 24 unit apartment buildings
    • Minimum 6% Cap
    • $3 million asking price

    In the United States, the Duperron Group is interested in purchasing Multi-Family Apartment Buildings in Oregon and Washington State.


    • Minimum 30 unit apartment buildings
    • Minimum 7% Cap
    • $6 million asking price

Rental Apartments

The Duperron Group currently owns a number of residential properties, including Multi-Family Apartment buildings. Please see below for any vacancies.


Zero Vacancies

The Duperron Group currently has zero vacancies, please inquire about our waiting lists via email.