Investment Services

The Duperron Group, led by President and CEO Dean Duperron, has owned and/or managed a diverse portfolio of companies over the past 35 years, including Sprott-Shaw Community College and Sprott-Shaw Degree College, holding a majority or equal share from 1991-2007, Pitman Community College, a collegiate institution dating back to 1898, DVD Properties, a Real Estate investment firm, multi-million dollar retail shops, a wholesale business, a marketing firm, and a party and events planning sector.

With such diversity, we are pleased to offer Mentoring Services knowing that we have the background and flexibility to help in most any venture.

Angel Funding

The Duperron Group is proud to support innovative thinkers and young entrepreneurs. If you are interested in finding out more about our Angel Funding, please contact us.

Mentoring Services

The Duperron Group offers to act as your compass in the sometimes confusing business world. Through our mentoring services, businesses can glean knowledge and expertise from our vast experience. With our diverse assortment of business ventures, we have built up considerable erudition in many areas and can help you find your own potential and the potential in your business.

Past clients include Private Post Secondary Institutions, Start-up Investment Funds, future leaders of tomorrow through the Simon Fraser University Mentors in Business program, Multi-Family Real Estate Investors and many small business owners.

If you are interested in our mentoring services, please contact us for an appointment.